GO4WEBS can take care of your website hosting and domain name registration.

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Yes, we all need a web hosting service provider. They provide the technologies and services needed for your website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet. You could think of it as renting a shop, instead of constructing the shopping mall.

Hosting requires a huge investment in resources and infrastructure. To be successful requires dedicated data centers, massive security commitment, 24/7 phone support, redundant power systems, co-location and for us, Australian based servers, is a must. Website Hosting is a specialised IT service and we suggest you leave website hosting to the specialists.

You can arrange these services yourself through numerous third parties. A word of warning about website hosting, there are many traps and pitfalls to avoid related to speed, space, width, price, server and services available. Why not let GO4WEBS “Do It For You”, as we have “Been There and Done That”. Over the years, we have worked with a numerous hosting companies, and although the decision is ultimately yours, we happily recommend using our preferred provider, with whom we have great, hassle free service and whose plans meet the technical requirements for our projects.

You can arrange your own hosting account and provide us with your access details. However, we believe it make sense for us to establish your hosting account, as we require access to your administration panel to develop and ultimately publish your website. Once published we transfer the administative control back to you, then, you simply change your password. You own all the files and have control over your website.

Please contact us to discuss the various options and add on’s available.